8 Things To Consider When Choosing A Chiropractor

By: Dr. Brice Neff DC

1. Wellness Care

Many Chiropractors place their financial gain ahead of the well-being of those they are treating. Routine chiropractic care can help avert potential issues and enhance performance, yet it is not a necessity. Although it is wise to visit the dentist regularly in order to prevent cavities, dental visits are not mandatory. Chiropractors can gain extra profits through wellness or maintenance care, a fact that is often overlooked by normal doctors when they choose not to refer patients. Even if you think everything is going great, it’s always wise to get a second opinion from another chiropractor before deciding to continue care.

2. Questionable Diagnostics

If your chiropractor notices that the muscles in your body are weaker than normal, they should then refer you to an internist for further testing of any potential underlying issues. Conversely, if your muscles are inadequate due to lack of exercise or conditioning, an experienced Chiropractor can connect you with a physical therapist, fitness center, or even develop an effective strength-building plan for you. If your muscles are debilitated due to a medical condition, neurological issue, or structural abnormality, it is essential that you consult with a neurologist and/or an orthopedic specialist for an independent opinion. Your chiropractor should be able to refer you if necessary.

4. Treating Areas That Don’t Hurt

When treatment is administered, there are three results: you get better, worse or remain the same. If your condition has improved and only two choices exist either remaining stable or deteriorating, it isn’t necessary for a chiropractor to manipulate anything other than the area giving pain. As in fact, no evidence exists that treating any region of discomfort can benefit another far from it; if your physician insists on manipulating areas beyond what was initially diagnosed without clarifying why this must be done, visit another doctor before considering further care.

5. Excessive supplementation

Chiropractors are well-versed in nutrition, but if a practitioner insists that their vitamins are the only ones of any use and encourages you to purchase large quantities without providing an alternative source at lower cost, it’s best to take caution. Don’t be taken for a ride, question what is being proposed and always look for more affordable options first.

6. Excessive X-rays

Exercise caution when visiting a chiropractor who requests x-ray images for any purpose other than excluding fractures, dislocations, or bone disorders. X-rays should only be requested if absolutely necessary. X-rays should only be taken if

  •  You have sustained a recent traumatic injury and are in considerable pain and discomfort, or 
  •  A history and examination indicate a possible bone disease such as arthritis. You have had long standing pain in an area that has not responded or resolved with care.
  • You have had long standing pain in an area that has not responded or resolved with care.

It’s normal for us to have an imperfectly aligned spine, but if you’re pain-free and your chiropractor wants to continue treatment based on the results of an x-ray, it would be wise to seek a second opinion before proceeding with care.

7. Excessive Visits

Visiting a chiropractor should make you feel comfortable and relieved. Depending on your specific circumstances, after just several treatments you may notice drastic improvement. As a measure of progress, any discomfort felt prior to treatment should be reduced by 40-50% within one to four weeks following the first session(s). However, do not trust a chiropractor who suggests an extended plan (3 months or more) based off of your initial few visits.

8. Unwillingness To Work With Other Professionals

If you’re not feeling any relief, your chiropractor should have already proposed a referral rather than needing to be requested.

A Good Chiropractor

A competent chiropractor will do whatever it takes to facilitate your speedy recovery with minimal visits. Additionally, they can provide you with guidance on how to prevent future back pain issues without the need for expensive maintenance treatments. An experienced chiropractor will only request x-rays when they are necessary, and not use them as a form of marketing to pressure you into continuing care. Moreover, your chiropractor should be providing sound nutritional advice regarding supplementation and dietary choices without pushing for overpriced vitamins from their clinic.

Finding an effective chiropractor requires more than just a basic understanding of their field; they must also have relationships with allied experts from various specialties, such as family medicine doctors, orthopedists, neurologists, physiatrists, physical therapists, and massage therapists. Building strong alliances ensures that the best possible care can be provided to patients in any situation.

By adhering to these steps, you will quickly be able to identify those who are not truly looking out for your best interests. If you’re in Gilbert Arizona and want to Feel, Live & Perform Better through Chiropractic care, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at our Gilbert Chiropractic clinic.


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