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Chiropractic Treatment For Neuropathy

Neuropathy is a disorder that produces tingling, stiffness, and pain in the extremities, primarily hands and toes. Impairment to peripheral nerves in any body area can result in muscular weakness or loss of feeling. Signs and symptoms differ from patient to patient. It may also be based on their health and how the nerves are affected.

Diabetes is the most prevalent cause of neuropathy; however, it can also be triggered by skin damage and other disorders. It may make everyday chores more challenging to do without the support of another person or adapted technologies.

Types of Neuropathy

Among the several kinds of neuropathy are:

Peripheral Neuropathy

A common kind of neuropathy is peripheral neuropathy. It can occur due to an accident, illness, or other factors that disrupt the nerves in the extremities. The symptoms may be minor at first, but they may worsen with time if not appropriately treated by a peripheral neuropathy chiropractor.

Focal Neuropathy

Focal neuropathy is a kind of neuropathy that can occur due to diabetes, vitamin deficiency, or other medical disorders.

Acquired Sensory and Motor Neuropathies

These are caused by nerve loss due to surgery, accident, or illnesses such as Parkinson’s.

Symptoms of Neuropathy

Many individuals’ neuropathy starts with tingles or loss of sensations in their hands and feet. As time passes, the numbness spreads and may be accompanied by prickly or acute aches in their limbs.

Numbness, fatigue, and stinging or prickling are early signs of neuropathy, leading to muscular spasms and difficult limb mobility. Patients with neuropathy may notice that their balance becomes more unpredictable as the disease advances.

The symptoms of neuropathy are heavily influenced by the sort of nerves that have been injured. Autonomic, motor, and sensory nerves are examples of these nerves. It is critical to record any symptoms you’re having before visiting our clinic so we can adequately detect and treat your pain. Because neuropathy impairs both the neural system and the body’s orientation, it is critical to seek aid and treat neuropathy as soon as possible.

What Causes Neuropathy?

Neuropathy is caused by injury to the nerves or the nerves’ outer layers. Diabetes, infection, and drug side effects are all possible causes of this nerve loss.

Neuropathy has no cure, although symptoms can be controlled with chiropractic care and prescriptions.

Neuropathic pain may also have a detrimental effect on your attitude, so it’s critical to seek neuropathy chiropractic therapy to ensure that you’re not just treating physical symptoms but also mental ones.

Can You Stop the Progression of Neuropathy?

Neuropathy development might be slowed or stopped depending on the root cause. Some kinds of neuropathy are curable, and some are not, with the majority falling somewhere in the center.

Lifestyle adjustments and treatment are typically effective in reducing the course of neuropathy in many patients.

However, an essential thing you can do to limit the course of neuropathy is to consult with your doctor and go through your treatment options. Collectively, you can moderate your symptoms, lessen your discomfort, and go back to living your life.

Chiropractors can Help with Neuropathy

Electrostimulation  treatment help patients suffering from neuropathy find relief from their symptoms. Other ways a chiropractor can help with neuropathy include:

Chiropractic procedures are a type of pain control that focuses on reorganizing the spine to relieve neuropathic pain. These approaches will assist in relieving muscles that may be stiff as a result of injury or bad posture.

This treatment efficiently relieves the discomfort caused by a degenerative disc. The neauropathy chiropractor will stretch and ease the spine-related compression using a customized decompression table. This lets nourishment and blood return to injured discs, boosting repair.

Ultrasound is another way a chiropractor can help with neuropathy. It is a diagnostic imaging technology that uses audio signals to picture tissues within the body. The advantages of ultrasound are that it enables patients to maintain their everyday tasks such as exercising or working while getting therapy.

Cold laser treatment stimulates cells via photosensitization. When used externally on nerve fibers, the cold laser activates it, promoting new cell development and rejuvenation. This allows the chiropractor to help with nerve pain alleviation. It also aids in the rehabilitation process following acute trauma.

Neuropathy chiropractic treatment aims to provide pain relief while fostering a better and more meaningful lifestyle. As a result, we provide nutritional advice to neuropathic patients to treat any inherent diet deficiencies and establish a tailored strategy.

In our therapeutic practice, the objective is always for each patient to attain a fulfilled and joyful existence filled with the things they like the most. We believe that each patient is a person with distinct requirements; hence, assisting them in achieving optimal wellbeing necessitates teamwork between experts and patients.

What Are the Stages of Neuropathy?

The position and intensity of the nerve injury will determine the symptoms of neuropathy. The following are the four stages of neuropathy:

Many patients report the experience as tingling, while others describe it as needles pinching them in their fingers and toes. Patients at this stage have no indications at all. Although this period might linger for months, most people recover within a year.

Patients may have intermittent sharp pains in the next stage, while some may experience unpleasant solid pain about their midriff. They may also have coldness on one side of their body and acute pain. This stage can continue for a year or more and deteriorate until the patient cannot function.

Patients in this stage generally lose sensation on both sides of the body and motor functions.

This happens when nerve endings are damaged and can no longer transmit signals to the brain about how they feel.

The Benefits of Seeing A Chiropractor for Neuropathy?

Neuropathy chiropractic treatment relies on fixing the underlying issues that produce the irritation, which is an essential advantage of seeing a chiropractor for neuropathy. Inflammation can be treated to alleviate discomfort in the joints and limbs.

Numerous people want to enhance their whole standard of living without depending on medicine, not only alleviate their pain. To do this, we personalize each chiropractic treatment strategy to each patient’s specific needs.


No one likes to have to cope with neuropathic pain. It’s not only unpleasant, but it’s also exhausting for individuals who have it. Although a chiropractor may not cure neuropathy, they may alleviate symptoms and make a living with it more bearable by increasing quality of life. Consult with one of our physicians to see whether you are a candidate for spinal correction.

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