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Snack Time Nutrition

By: Dr. Brice Neff DC

Whenever your energy levels dip long after a meal and hunger strikes, you may find yourself looking for a nourishing snack that will keep you going before your next meal.
Unfortunately, many snacks are heavy in added sugars and processed carbs rather than nutritional components like fiber and protein. When you’re searching for long-lasting vitality, sugar and carbs aren’t a smart combo.
However, there are many nutritious snacks to select from, including home-cooked food and ready-prepared alternatives, to make good snack choices.

Proper Nutrition 101

We understand how important eating healthy is for growth and vitality. A basic rule is that any well-balanced diet will allow you to have a robust and fit physique. At the same time, a poor diet may put your health at risk of a compromised immune system, overweight, and limited life expectancy.
Eating nutrient-poor snacks has been linked to an increased BMI, eating without feeling hungry, and food insecurity.

Snack Time Choices

Although we control and properly balance our daily meals, one period that can easily slip through our fingers is Snack Time. These are the fast in-between quick nibble moments that, if you’re not mindful, may quickly turn into your primary meals.
Here are a few recommendations to ensure that your snack time nutrition is healthy and body-building.
Fruits, leafy greens, nuts, and dairy are excellent for healthy snack time nutrition. We recommend you avoid starchy, sticky, or too sweet foods. These foods aren’t beneficial for snack time.

Sweet treats may be consumed as a snack time nutrition, ideally the mid-day meal. It gives the body time to absorb and utilize the calories instead of storing them as additional fat. Opt for snack-time healthy foods rich in protein in the evenings to provide your body with the necessary protein for the natural body maintenance that happens overnight.

Keep an eye out for the Bad Sugars in your snack time nutrition. Sugars exist naturally in almost all meals. Sugars that are found naturally in dairy products and vegetables are less problematic. We recommend you look out for the added sugars and corn syrups in your snack time nutrition. The American Heart Association recommends limiting calories from added sugars to 150 kcal per day for an average adult male and no more than 100 kcal per day for the average adult female.

Understanding Best Choices In Beverages

We recommend that you pick your refreshments cautiously. Soda and juice could be your favorite beverages; yogurt and water are far better alternatives. Milk is a good source of calcium, which is essential for developing strong bones, teeth, and gum. If you choose milk, ensure it is organic. Water will restore, revitalize, and aid in detoxifying your body’s system.

Not Just What You Drink But When You Drink It

Little but regular sips are essential for good health. However, we recommend avoiding excessive drinking of beverages other than water throughout the day. Drinking caffeinated or carbonated substances regularly may cause dehydration. If you like to consume sugary beverages, do so during dinner time.

We are honored to assist every member of our community in achieving and maintaining improved health. So, give us a call today because our staff is here to help you and your family restore, rehabilitate, and revitalize your health.



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