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Chiropractic Care For Bedwetting

Nocturnal enuresis is the medical name for bedwetting. In the absence of illness, it is the involuntary excretion of urine while sleeping. It is common in children under 5 years or older. According to an NCBI study, it is a rather frequent complaint, with an estimated rate of 15% to 20% among 5-year-olds, 5% among 10-year-olds, and 1% among those 15 and older. After the age of six, most children begin to outgrow bedwetting because bladder control is better and fully established by this age. Bedwetting can be treated with lifestyle modifications, chiropractic care, chiropractic therapy, and family support. 

Chiropractic care focuses on the underlying causes of functional difficulties in the body. Long-term benefits can help children suffering from enuresis and other diseases since chiropractic aids in healing and improving bodily functioning. Setting reminders and prescriptions limiting urine output are the most effective chiropractic therapies for bedwetting issues

Causes Of Childhood Bed-Wetting

Urinary regulation entails much more than simply brain and bladder nerve receptors. The alignment and movement of the spine affect communication between the brain, bladder, and other vital organs. Misinterpretation between the brain and the bladder affects the body’s capacity to determine when to urinate.

Infants have extremely slow breathing rhythms. As a result, carbon dioxide levels may increase, triggering the phrenic reflex. The phrenic reflex then causes the diaphragm, the major breathing muscle, to contract. Hence the child takes a breath. If this reaction isn’t working properly, the smooth muscles in the body may relax due to the excessive levels of carbon dioxide. The urine bladder valve is a smooth muscle, and when it relaxes, the child wets the bed. In boys, this response grows more slowly than in girls.

Should Your Child Visit A Chiropractor?

Yes. As a parent, you may believe you have explored all possibilities, but this is not always the case. Receiving chiropractic care for bedwetting isn’t simply a last-ditch attempt for some parents. Instead, they seek the advice of a chiropractor, early in their child’s development as a supplement to their family pediatrician.

Chiropractors are commonly known to treat adults who have back or spinal problems. They seek to adjust the spine and musculoskeletal system by manual or hands-on manipulation. Chiropractic therapy is primarily utilized as a pain management alternative, but it can also be an effective treatment option to manage bedwetting.

How Can a Chiropractor Help a Bed-Wetting Child?

A lot of nighttime bedwetting happens because children do not detect the urge to pee. The nerve system causes the body’s alert system to be recognized. Chiropractic treatment for bedwetting at Arizona’s Family Chiropractic helps children overcome bedwetting issues by keeping channels of communication open. Optimizing spine mobility and alignment guarantees that the bladder can correctly transmit warning signals to the brain, allowing children to tighten muscles and wake up before losing bladder control.

By restoring normal spinal alignment and mobility, nervous system care promotes communication between the brain and the whole body. Spinal misalignments frequently disrupt nervous system function without causing discomfort. Proactive health care ensures that the body operates at peak performance. A visit to Dr. Brice Neff DC, a chiropractor, is the first step in evaluating a child’s nervous system for interference. Chiropractic treatment for bedwetting at Arizona’s Family Chiropractic removes interference and encourages proactive care in children. This provides a long-term cure to bedwetting and a plethora of other childhood problems. By relieving tension on each child’s spine, you can reduce anxiety and humiliation in the household.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do Kids Naturally Grow Out Of Bedwetting?

No. We usually advise parents to address bedwetting issues beginning at the age of five.

When Do I Consult A Chiropractor?

If your child is over the age of five and regularly wets the bed, we urge that you call Arizona’s Family Chiropractic right away. Dr. Brice Neff DC, our chiropractor  well versed in treating bedwetting, is eager to help your kid. There is nothing shameful about seeking help, and with correct spinal corrections, your child will no longer have to deal with wet nights.

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