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Chiropractic Treatment For Headache

Different types of headaches may afflict you, such as tension headaches, migraine headaches, hypnic headaches, cervicogenic headaches, menstrual migraines, thunderclap headaches, and cluster headaches. Headaches can be frequent or occasional, acute or chronic, dull and throbbing, or the pain can be debilitating. If you are tired of popping pills without any long-lasting relief, there is a better alternative. 

Chiropractic adjustments is generally effective in headaches originating from the neck, and tension headaches. Whether your headache is acute or chronic, our headache chiropractic is available to bring long-lasting or permanent relief. 

Symptoms Of Headaches

Symptoms of headaches differ depending on the type of headache or the cause. The symptoms may include:

  • Pain behind one eye or ear and Pain in the Temples
  • Dull steady pain as if a band is tightening around the head
  • Change in the mood or subtle change in sensations          
  • Seeing spots or flashing lights          
  • Temporary vision loss          
  • Nausea, Vomiting          
  • Hallucinations (rare), depression, or irritation          
  • Sensitivity to light and/or sound         
  • Deep constant pain in the forehead, cheekbones, or bridge of the nose         
  • Pain that gets worse when you suddenly move the head        
  • Pain combined with some sinus symptoms

If some of these symptoms are chronic or are getting worse, you need a headache or migraine treatment. Chiropractic for headaches is the best option for fast and lasting recovery.

Causes Of Headaches

Triggers or causes of headache pain include:

  • Injured neck or head         
  • Food allergies          
  • Sinus problems          
  • Tumor in the brain          
  • Environmental stimuli such as a loud noise, bright lights, etc.
  • Stress          
  • Behaviors such as excessive exercise or wearing tight headwear          
  • Blood sugar changes, Teeth clenching        
  • Incorrect eyeglass prescription, Lack of sleep          
  • Underlying health problems such as high blood pressure         
  • Muscle tension in the neck (the majority of headache pain) 
  • Migraine          
  • Hormonal fluctuations in women          
  • Caffeine overuse          
  • Frequent use of over-the-counter  and prescription pain relievers

How Arizona's Family Chiropractic Can Help In Headaches Treatment

Dr. Brice Neff will assess the best treatment option for you specifically and may perform a spinal manipulation or chiropractic adjustment to alleviate stress on your spine. When your spine is stressed, it can lead to more frequent or severe headaches. Aligning your spine is an essential first step in chronic headache relief.

Our chiropractor may also offer suggestions about improving your posture and exercises to reduce your likelihood of experiencing severe headaches.

In addition, our chiropractic team may offer suggestions of different safe procedures that can be performed to improve your body’s performance, which could alleviate discomfort and pain in the head.

Some patients will see immediate results, while others will notice improvement after a series of treatments. Regular chiropractic visits can improve the function of your neck, reducing the stress you place on it each day and providing you with the headache relief you deserve.

Other Treatment Options for Headache

Various treatments for headaches are available. Some of them are:

  • Acupuncture has been proven to relieve many types of headaches. 
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy will help you deal with the pain even though it will not relieve the pain.          
  • Herbal and nutritional health products will relieve your headache naturally.     
  • Meditation will help you to relax your body and mind and relieve stress.        
  • Nutritional advice: Your headache chiropractor will recommend a diet that avoids allergies and possibly add B-complex vitamins.          
  • Stress management will help you to relieve your stress and headache.
  • Relaxation techniques, such as yoga, will help you relax, relieve tension on the shoulders and neck, and relieve stress.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Medical Insurance Cover Headaches?

Yes, headaches are a common problem in America, and medical insurance covers the treatment of any type of headache. Find out from your insurer what the benefits are for each type of treatment so that you know what you may have to co-pay.

Are Chiropractors Good For Headaches?

Yes, chiropractors are good for headaches. Scientific evidence has proven that chiropractic can alleviate many types of headaches, including tension headaches and those that begin in the neck. There is growing evidence that chiropractic is effective for cluster headache and migraine treatment.

Can Headaches Turn Into Migraines?

Yes, a condition called chronic migraine headache used to be called transformed migraine. It begins as episodic migraine attacks during the teens, twenties, or thirties. Then it increases in frequency until the attacks happen almost every day. However, the severity of the headaches drops to mild or moderate. This condition is linked to the overuse of pain relievers, leading to tolerance.

How Long Should A Headache Last?

Occasional headaches last for a few hours, but some may last for a day or a few days. If your headache lasts for many days or weeks, you may have an underlying condition that needs a chiropractor’s attention. Failure to deal with that underlying health condition may lead to severe consequences, including death.

When Should You Worry About A Headache?

You should worry about your headache and seek a chiropractor’s attention if:

  • Your headache lasts for many days or weeks or is getting worse          
  • A severe headache began abruptly (within a few seconds). It may be a life-threatening condition such as bleeding in the brain.          
  • Your headache is severe and is accompanied by new symptoms that you did not experience before         
  • You have an ongoing headache, and you are pregnant or HIV positive          
  • Your migraine in Gilbert has lasted for many days or weeks

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