Upper Back And Neck Pain Treatment Specialist In Gilbert, AZ

Upper Back And Neck Pain Treatment In Gilbert, AZ

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Upper Back And Neck Pain Specialist

Although lower back pain is commonly addressed and experienced by many people, there is an increasing group of people who suffer from discomfort in the upper areas of the back, neck, and around the shoulder blades. The upper back and neck are extremely prone to damage in falls, vehicle accidents, and sports, as the muscles and ligaments of the back and neck are pushed to move beyond their typical range of motion. The spine may also be injured if the neck bones (cervical vertebrae) are dislocated. This article will discuss the most prevalent causes of the upper back and neck pain, as well as the widely recognized treatment procedures utilized by chiropractors.

Chiropractic Care For Upper Back And Neck Pain

Many people come to Arizona’s Family Chiropractic seeking relief from neck and back pain. Our chiropractor may properly examine and manage all three regions as several upper back disorders also include cervical or lumbar spinal abnormalities.

Causes Of Neck And Upper Back Pain

The bulk of neck and upper back discomfort is triggered by a mix of causes such as trauma, bad posture, chiropractic misalignments or subluxations, stress, and, in some cases, disc issues. Below is a closer look into each of these causes:


A whiplash injury is a prevalent neck injury that can cause neck and upper back. Whiplash itself to be triggered by an abrupt movement of the head, injuring the soft tissues surrounding the neck and upper back. Since the indications of a whiplash injury may take time to surface, it is tempting to believe that they may not exist at all. It’s unlikely a person can be involved in whiplash and not suffer long-term effects.

Poor Posture

Another common cause of upper back and neck discomfort is bad posture. It’s effortless to develop poor posture behaviors without even recognizing it. We recommend maintaining your neck in a neutral posture as often as possible.


Subluxations in the neck and upper back are particularly prevalent due to the high level of tension involved with keeping your head up, along with the high level of flexibility in the cervical spine. This usually leads to severe upper neck and back pain. The majority of subluxations are concentrated in four areas:

  1. The point at which the cervical spine joins the skull
  2. The center of the cervical spine
  3. The spine’s passage between the cervical and thoracic regions
  4. The thoracic spine’s main section


When some individuals are agitated, their upper back and neck muscles clench subconsciously. This is a protective reflex meant to guard the body against damage. However, excessive muscle clenching or guarding may cause upper back and neck pain. Teenagers have a significant prevalence of discomfort in the neck, shoulder, and upper back due to increased stress levels and physical activity.

Disc Herniations

A protruding disc compresses the nerves that leave the spine through that location. Lumbar discs are more susceptible to herniation than cervical discs; however, trauma can result in a herniated cervical disc.

Chiropractic Treatments For Upper Back And Neck Pain

Chiropractic care can give dramatic outcomes for patients suffering from upper back and neck pain. Your chiropractor may begin by attempting to determine the root of the issue. Once this is determined and the appropriate therapy is identified, your chiropractor will start with one or more spinal adjustments that employ quick force in specific regions. This will correct the problems by alleviating the discomfort and improving your range of mobility. Usually, patients notice an instant difference in their posture and respiration, which continues with regular therapy. After your spine is properly aligned, your chiropractor can give ergonomic suggestions for your workspace, which may help avoid potential issues and improve your overall posture.


Chiropractic therapy for upper back and neck pain is accessible and efficient at Arizona’s Family Chiropractic. Our non-invasive treatments address the underlying source of the problem and restore the spine’s alignment with the rest of the body, allowing you to feel not just comfort but a significant improvement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When Should I Seek Chiropractic Care For Upper Back And Neck Pain?

If your neck discomfort is coupled with a tingling sensation or a feeling of fatigue in your arms or hands, or if you experience pins and needles sensation in your shoulders or along your arm, seek medical or chiropractic assistance.

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