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Wellness Care

If you are tired of taking drugs that only mask symptoms, you need wellness care. Wellness care is necessary because it looks for the root causes of your condition and then eliminates those causes. This approach can improve your health and well-being in the long term. Our chiropractors use the functional medicine model to identify and address the root causes of diseases. We also teach you that it is important to keep spine joints moving and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Your health depends mostly on your lifestyle choices. Regular exercise will keep you fit and strong, while a sedentary lifestyle will cause muscle and joint weakness and weight gain. The nutritional balance will keep all systems healthy, while an unhealthy diet will cause many diseases and weight gain. A negative mindset will cause diseases, depression, and anxiety, while a positive mindset will keep you happy and disease-free. That is why our wellness care team at Arizona’s Family chiropractic emphasizes adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Why Do We Need Wellness Care?

Since your chosen lifestyle affects your health, you need wellness care. Wellness care will make sure that you overcome your current problems through the functional medicine approach and adopt a lifestyle that will maintain your health in the future. We provide drug-free, non-surgical treatment to correct the underlying causes of your condition and help your body to heal. In the treatment process, the doctors will encourage you to adopt a healthy lifestyle. With knowledge on your side, you can live a healthy life for a long time and age gracefully.

What Is Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine is an individualized and patient-centered approach that concentrates on identifying the root causes of disease in an individual and then addresses those root causes. This is based on the awareness that one cause, such as inflammation, can cause many conditions and also that one condition may have several causes. How each cause affects an individual differs depending on the individual’s lifestyle, environment, and genes. Our wellness clinic empowers you and your health practitioner to work together to address the right causes of your condition so that you have lasting benefits. The treatment goes beyond symptom suppression.

What Are Some Advantages Of Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine does not use “a pill for an ill” approach. Nor does it use one pill for all individuals with the same condition. The approach is individualized. The functional medicine practitioners look at the specific root causes of your condition and address those root causes. Another person may have a similar condition which is caused by different causes. That person will get a different treatment plan tailored to his/her causes. Both of you will get better. If you adopt a healthy lifestyle post-treatment, your condition can permanently disappear. Any person who doesn’t adopt a healthy lifestyle can recurrence the problem.


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