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Whiplash Injury Treatment

Whiplash is a soft tissue injury to the neck caused by the neck’s forceful, rapid back-and-forth movement. Most people experience whiplash symptoms after a rear-end auto accident. The force generated by the car that hits your car from the back may cause many injuries.

 In some car accidents, you may notice immediate discomfort and injuries. However, you may not see injuries or pain for several days after the event in other incidents. This is entirely normal. 

If you experienced whiplash in an auto accident in Gilbert, you should visit an auto accident chiropractor for whiplash treatment. Chiropractors help to reduce neck inflammation using various therapies, gentle stretching, and manual therapy techniques. Once inflammation and pain decrease, the auto accident injury chiropractor will perform chiropractic techniques to restore normal motion to your neck

Symptoms Of Whiplash/ Auto Accidents Injury

Signs and symptoms of whiplash which may or may not develop within a  few days of the auto accident and may include:

  • Neck pain and stiffness, with muscles feeling hard and knotted 
  • The pain worsens with neck movement, like when you move the head backward and forward or from side to side or looks over the shoulder 
  • Pain or tenderness in the arms, upper back, and shoulders 
  • Limited or no range of motion in the neck
  • Headaches, most commonly at the base of the skull 
  • Fatigue and Dizziness
  • Numbness or tingling in the arms 
  • Muscle spasms

Long-term Problems Due To Untreated Auto Accidents Injury

Untreated whiplash in can cause serious long-term health problems like:

  • Chronic neck pain 
  • Loss of mobility in back and neck 
  • Vertigo makes you sick or queasy and causes falls 
  • Chronic headaches radiate from the neck to the forehead, the back or sides of the head 
  • Neck vertebrae misalignment affects the range of motion and posture.      
  • Degenerative disc disease 
  • Chronic fatigue, nausea, confusion, dizziness, difficulty talking, and weakness

Chiropractic Treatment For Whiplash

Don’t let your whiplash pain disrupt your life any further, our auto injury treatment team at Arizona’s Family Chiropractic is ready to help you regain your health and well-being. Whether your symptoms are mild or severe, we will develop a customized treatment plan based on your specific needs.

The pain, soreness, and stiffness resulting from an auto injury can restrict your body’s mobility and even be debilitating. Turning your head or moving your body while your muscles are inflamed can be challenging. Dr. Brice Neff and his team mobilize your spine, restoring proper range of motion and allowing your body to start the healing process more quickly.

Our Chiropractors help to reduce neck inflammation using various therapies, gentle stretching, and manual therapy techniques. Once inflammation and pain decrease, the auto accident injury chiropractor will perform chiropractic techniques to restore normal motion to your neck.

Other Treatment Options


  • Rest for a few days after a whiplash injury, and gradually increase activity
  • Apply heat or cold to the neck for 15 minutes every few hours to reduce inflammation

Medications and Therapies

  • Over-the-counter pain medications to control mild to moderate whiplash pain 
  • Prescription pain medications and antidepressant drugs to relieve more severe pain 
  • Muscle relaxants to soothe pain, loosen tight muscles and improve sleep  
  • Injections into the painful muscle to numb the pain for physical therapy
  • Massage therapy, Physical rehabilitation therapy, stretching exercises, and strengthening exercises keep muscles strong and supple.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Medical Insurance Cover Treatment For Whiplash / Auto Accidents Injury?

Medical insurance, auto insurance, and personal injury protection often cover treatment for whiplash injuries after a car accident. However, failure to seek immediate treatment can undermine your claim. Report your accident immediately, never take the blame, never perform strenuous activities directly after the accident, and never report that you are fine without waiting for a few to make sure. Notify your car insurer immediately, allow paramedics to examine you, and get an evaluation fast. That way, you will not worsen any injury, you will need immediate attention, and your car insurer will defend you in case of a lawsuit.

How Long Does It Take For Neck Whiplash To Heal?

Your recovery time depends on your age, the extent of the injury, and overall health status. However, all soft tissue goes through three phases of healing. The inflammatory phase lasts up to 72 hours. The inflammation phase lasts for six to eight weeks. The proliferation phase lasts up to twelve months. According to experts, most people’s symptoms diminish within three months. However, studies have found that many people have persistent neck pain after 12 months. 

How Can I Speed Up My Whiplash Recovery?

You can speed up your whiplash recovery by seeing an auto accident injury chiropractor. Whiplash treatment by a chiropractor does not involve any surgery or drugs. Chiropractic treatment will help your neck recover by gently adjusting the spine or releasing any muscle spasms, then your neck will heal properly, and the pain will most likely go away for good.

How Long Are You Sore After A Car Accident?

Every accident is different. You may have no soreness. You may be sore for anywhere between a few days and a few months. If you have a whiplash injury and don’t receive proper treatment, you may be sore for a few months or even years after the accident. That is why you should see a chiropractor as soon as possible after a car accident to receive whiplash treatment.

Is It Normal To Throw Up After A Car Accident?

Yes. The seat belt can bruise, irritate, or damage your internal organs, causing you to vomit. Also, the trauma may cause vertigo, anxiety, fear, and stress resulting in nausea and/or vomiting. That is why you should seek a chiropractor’s attention following an accident. 

How Long Does It Take To Recover From Soft Tissue Injuries?

Each case is different. Recovery from soft tissue injuries (e.g., whiplash, muscle strains, bruises, and damage to connective tissue, joints, and ligaments) may take anything from a few weeks to many months. Left untreated, whiplash can take much longer to heal, forming scar tissue that is stiff and painful. Auto accident chiropractors can help you to recover faster than if you receive traditional chiropractic care. 

Can You Get A Concussion From A Minor Car Accident?

Yes. Experts have discovered that minor car accidents can cause severe and long-term injuries, particularly concussions and other head trauma. So, if your car was in a minor accident, whether you were driving slowly or you were stationary, seek a chiropractor’s attention.

Can You Sue For Emotional Distress From A Car Accident?

Sometimes, you can sue for emotional distress if another person’s negligence caused the accident. Maybe you are now afraid of driving, traveling in a vehicle driven by another person, or driving in adverse weather conditions. You may have depression, panic attacks, etc. Your injury attorney should be able to advise you accordingly. 

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