Gilbert Chiropractic Clinic Describes Stretching

By: Dr. Brice Neff DC

Chiropractic Treatment And Stretching

Our bodies are naturally made for movement. If we experience discomfort in our back, neck, shoulders or joints, it is likely caused by trauma that has limited our body’s mobility and range of motion.

Sitting in bed and trying to rest may seem like the best way to handle pain, yet stretching can be an easier route to reducing discomfort while also avoiding any future injury.

By engaging in secure, chiropractor endorsed stretches and exercises, you can improve your flexibility and movement to help get you back into activity.

Our Gilbert chiropractic office team is dedicated to helping patients improve their overall health and wellness. Our treatments often include recommendations on stretches, exercises, and movements that promote increased blood circulation throughout the body.

Why Stretching Is Important?

Stretching is a vital practice to incorporate into your daily routine for physical and mental wellbeing. Whether you’re seeking relief from aches or preparing yourself for the challenges ahead, stretching can help ensure that both body and mind are ready to take on anything. Regular stretching not only circulates blood throughout the body more effectively, it also helps alleviate stress and boosts energy levels. Regular stretching not only circulates blood throughout the body more effectively, it also helps alleviate stress and boosts energy levels.

Is Stretching Safe To Do At Home?

Yes, you can follow stretches at home that were previously approved by your chiropractor. At Arizona’s Family Chiropractic, our physicians often recommend stretches our patients can follow to improve their progress between appointment care. If you have any persistent pain, make sure to consult with a qualified chiropractic physician before trying any at-home stretches, as they can exacerbate your pain and further the damage.

Two Common Stretches to Ease Back Pain

These are common stretches prescribed by Gilbert chiropractors to ease back pain. Always consult with your chiropractor before attempting any of these exercises.

Hip Flexor Stretch

  1. Kneel on right knee and place left foot flat on the floor
  2. Keep your torso upright and rest your hands on your hips
  3. Push your hips forward as far as you can (no pain)
  4. Hold stretch in the front of your right hip. For 30 seconds
  5. Switch leg positions and repeat

Pelvic Lift

  1. Lie flat on back with knees bent,
  2. Keep feet flat on floor (hip-width apart)
  3. Keep both arms extended by sides, palms facing down
  4. Lift pelvis off the floor and press hips as high as possible (no pain)
  5. Squeeze buttocks and hold for 1 count
  6. Slowly release hips back down to the floor 8 times slowly

To complement any stretching some low impact aerobic activity can also be added to your routine. Ask our team at Gilbert Chiropractic Clinic for more information.


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